10 Easy Tips To Always Look Put Together

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Do you struggle with trying to look put together daily, but for some reason keep missing the mark? If you’re shaking your head saying “yes”, then this blog post is exactly for you! I know what you mean, I’ve been there, and sometimes still do look like I don’t know whether I’m going or coming. But, there’s hope, believe it or not. Once I figured out these ten tips that I will share with you below, the goal to always look put together became easier and like a habit. So if you’re open to doing small tweaks to your daily life, so that you can always look put together, then keep reading.

10 Easy Tips To Always Look Put Together

10 Tips to Always Look Put Together

1. Prepare the night before:

I tell my boyfriend this every night before he goes to bed. Now I’m telling you that if you don’t prepare yourself for the next day, the night before, then you’re liable to be running around like a chicken with your head cut off come morning. Since most men don’t listen, that’s exactly what he looks like every morning. 😀

Preparing yourself for the day ahead helps you to fix all errors that could appear at the last minute in the morning. It gives you more time to sleep in the morning or even more time to yourself before you have to leave for work, and it helps you to leave out looking more polished, more prepared and ready to tackle the day ahead. I’ve found that preparing myself the night before helps me to have a clearer, more focused mind when I have to get things done the next day.

2. Create a morning routine:

Sometimes sticking to a schedule or a routine is your best friend and leaves you more secure than not. If you know that every morning you need a cup of hot chocolate to get your juices flowing, then make sure you have enough time every morning to sit and enjoy one. Your morning mood sets the tone for the rest of the day, so creating a morning routine that’ll leave you feeling positive and inspired, will prepare you for whatever the world has to throw at you. It’s so important that we give ourselves enough care in the morning to get us started for the day. So if you need to scrub your face to feel “fresh-faced” or paint your nails, to feel fabulous, be sure to give yourself enough time to pamper and prepare yourself for the day.

3. Create a signature style:

When in doubt, stick to what you know will look fabulous on you. Creating your own signature style, not only takes the guesswork out of what you should look like daily, but it also makes you memorable. Just look at some of the most stylish celebrities out there who has a unique style their known. Janell Monae is known for her crisp suits and pumpadore hairstyles. No matter how old school it is, Arianna Grande slays the ponytail like it’s nobodies business. and her fans love her for it. As fly as Lisa Ray is, white is her signature color and all that you’ll see her wearing off-screen. So, even if you feel like it’s repetitive, creating a signature style will keep you looking put together always.

10 Easy Tips To Always Look Put Together

4. Pay attention to trends:

every season, I always look at trends as a guide to give me ideas of how I can incorporate them into my everyday style. I always say that when approaching trends, to take the ones that work for you and leave the rest. Only try them if you know they’ll look good on your body type, and use them as inspiration to be versatile in your style each season. When you mix on-trend pieces with your everyday look, you’ll start to look like you pay attention to what’s going on in the style world, and it’ll elevate your style.

5. Know what looks good on your body type:

knowing this saves you so much time when shopping, and it lets you know off the bat what will work for you and what won’t. You will also know how far to take it when experimenting with different ways to style, and where to scale back on. There are a lot of different body types out there, and many clothes made specifically for those. Understanding your body’s makeup keeps you from making the mistake of wearing pieces that aren’t flattering and helps you focus on the ones that will accentuate your natural curves no matter what.

6. Add staple pieces:

there’s nothing more comforting than having those pieces in your closet that you can always refer back to if all else fails. Adding a tailored blazer can dress any jean outfit up to business casual, or a nice button down blouse is perfect for any season and almost all occasions. Building a wardrobe around staple pieces really gives you a sense of security in the style department, and makes daily styling more fun and less of a hassle. It also keeps you from falling into the style rut of “I don’t have anything to wear”, and gives you many ideas to choose from.

7. Don’t forget to accessorize:

I can’t stress this enough. Adding accessories to an outfit can turn it from drab to fab. Especially when those pieces are on trend. For example, as you can see here, the look that I’m wearing here is already really cute, but adding the shades, statement earrings and an on-trend handbag really adds flair to the outfit. Accessories are so cheap these days, so it’s nothing to add the perfect ones to compliment a plain or cute outfit.

10 Easy Tips To Always Look Put Together

8. Color block:

This one has helped me so much in my style. Paying attention to colors, and not overdoing one or not playing up others have really helped me to stand out in style. Understanding the art of color blocking gets you very far in the style department. Unless I’m going for a straight monochromatic look, I’m always either trying to play up the color with the least presence or following the color scheme in the piece that sticks out the most. For example: with this outfit, you see that black pretty much dominates the whole look. But playing up the brown in the shirt with the added blazer and bag really brings this whole look together. Let colors be your guide, and if you’re wearing a neutral outfit, then add a pop of color to up the style!

10 Easy Tips To Always Look Put Together

9. Understand basic style rules:

I know, “rules are meant to be broken” and yadda ya, but hear me out! Knowing to hem your pants an inch above the shoe gives you a classic look that screams sophistication, or to tuck in or tie up an oversized shirt as you see here leaves your style looking crisp and polished. Some style rules created by your favorite fashionista or editors are truly some to live by and are timeless no matter the trend. See them as a way to help compliment your style and not hinder it.

10. Wear your confidence!!!:

If you can hear me scream this to you right now, you’d probably be scared!! Lol! I literally can’t stress this enough and y’all know this is in my mission. Sometimes you can wear the most hideous outfit out there, but if you exude the right amount of confidence while rocking it, no one will be able to mistake how good you look.

For example: when I went natural at a time where it wasn’t popular, I went from people asking “does she have cancer?” to “you’re the only person I know who can pull this off.” It wasn’t the fact that I had the best haircut in the whole school. Actually, I hated my initial haircut mainly because it was tapered like a guy’s. But, because I held my head up high and exuded confidence while dressing it up with accessories, I easily became the talk of our senior class in high school. It was also a signature style for me. That was my first drastic change in the style department and I haven’t regretted it since. So it doesn’t always matter the style, but your attitude when wearing it!

10 Easy Tips To Always Look Put Together

Thanks for reading!

I do hope that you found these tips helpful! Start using these tips today to look more put together for tomorrow! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let me know which tip is your favorite, or if any of these is something you already do.

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10 Easy Tips To Always Look Put Together