7 Tips/Reasons to Organize Your Closet for Winter

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Hey ya’ll! I hope your week has gotten off to a great start! This past weekend was crazy busy to say the least. With running errands, shopping, and doing some winter cleaning, I felt like I was pulled in so many directions! However, I did get a lot accomplished, so I’ll also add that it was a productive weekend!


One of the biggest projects that I worked on this weekend, was closet cleaning. As you can tell in the photo above, my closet was a total pigsty! I had to fix it, and I mean fix it quickly! It took me about a day in a half, but it was totally worth it in the end. Before, as you can tell, I couldn’t find anything and now, I can finally breathe. 


If you find yourself in the same situation that I was in, and is still looking to reorganize your closet/life, then look no further. I’ve got you covered! Checkout the tips below for reorganizing your closet and getting you one step closer to having that dream closet and winter ready:


1. Game plan- know if you’re reorganizing your closet just for the sake of organization, or if you’re trying to go all out and turn your closet into a woman cave. This will give you a vision of exactly how you want the finished look to be. 


2. Add shelves/drawers- if your closet does not have shoe shelving or drawers, consider adding some to fit the amount of shoes/underclothes you have. This will keep your shoes and underclothes organized and clean. 


3. Decorate- find the right decor to spruce up the space a bit without making it too cluttered. Whether its a storage ottoman or a cute wall decal, keep it chic and minimal!


4. Color coding- consider putting clothes of the same color or closer to the same color, together. This helps you to know exactly what clothes, or what style is where. 


5. Fold- pants, sweaters, skirts or tops; fold these and section them off to declutter the space. Add shelf dividers for extra segmentation. 


6. Accessorizing your accessories- for things like clutches, purses, hats, scarves, or even jewelry, set them off in their own space. Have nothing else around them, and nothing over them! These are accessories, so they stand out on their own. 


7. Giveaway- last and certainly not least, don’t be afraid to just give your clothes away! Simply put, if you know you’ll never wear them or even if they’re not seasonal friendly, let them go and let someone else’s style sauce it up! Find a local clothes giveaway or charity to donate the clothes to, sell them or even give them to a friend. Sharing is caring! ????


Most of all, have some fun with it! Drink some tea, laugh at how messy you were at first, and enjoy your new and improved closet! Your peace of mind will thank you, and your winter style will flourish. 

As always, its a pleasure speaking with you all! I hope you find this helpful. Leave a comment below on how you plan to organize your wardrobe for the holiday season. Like and share! 

Until next time, SLAY STYLISH xOxO????

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  • Trey
    December 8, 2016

    Great tips. Thanks

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7 Tips/Reasons to Organize Your Closet for Winter