About Me

Hey, ya’ll! I’m Myeshia, and welcome to my style blog!

Steeze365, which is short for: “styling with ease 365 days a year”, was created with the fly girl in mind. My style blog aims to help women of color to build confidence through easy and everyday styling. I give everyday style tips on how to style, accessorize, and take your wardrobe from drab to fab! I keep it real about fashion trends, what’s cute on brown skin, what doesn’t work and how to make the style work for us, no matter the style or body type.

My idea around creating Steeze365 was to create a guide for women who look like me to refer to when needing help with styling their body types, skin tones, and challenge European standards of beauty to splash some color into it! After 27 years of stylishly gracing this earth, I now understand the empowerment in loving the skin you’re in and being unapologetic about it. So, if you’re struggling with daily styling, and always hear yourself saying, “I don’t have any clothes to wear”, then sistah you’ve visited the right site!

I like to keep style fun, versatile and fashion-forward AF! I can’t wait to share my ideas, tips, and tricks with you on how to be your best stylish self, year round. Remember to subscribe here to receive exclusive content updates, and fashion tips straight to your inbox!

Stay tuned for more, and I can’t wait to talk to you. Thanks for reading!


Myeshia C.