How To Slay The Corset Trend

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What’s up Steezers? It’s Thursday, just one more day before Friday, and yet, it totally feels like a Friday! Well, at least for me it does. Here I am, coming to you with yet another trend. You might have seen it on some of your favorite fashion bloggers at fashion week, or even Rihanna or the Kardashians. If you guessed it, then yes, I am referring to the Corset Trend. Who would’ve thought that something that was introduced way in the Victorian times could come back and make waves in modern times? Well, if we know anything about fashion, then we definitely know that no fashion is new fashion. Styles, looks, pieces of clothing are always inspired by those fashionable people before, and just revamped in our times. So, here it is!

The Corset Trend can be easily associated with the waist trainer trend. Remember about a year ago how so many women were literally obsessed with cinched looking waists, and all of these celebrities turned “personal trainers” were marketing their own version of a waist trainer? Well, lets just say that the corset trend is the more stylish approach.

Yes, I have become victim of this trend, and not because I want a smaller looking waist. I have gotten into this trend for one reason only, fashion! Literally adding a corset to any oversized piece of clothing gives it that flare that it needs to make you look bomb as heck! The one thing that is so cool about this trend is that all you need is a plain oversized shirt, dress, pencil skirt and maybe even high waisted jeans, and a corset belt of your choosing to make it look good!

In my case, I paired this oversized grey Maxi Dress from Missguided with a denim corset Belt from WantMyLook and some grey mesh heels from Public Desire. I wanted to keep the monochromatic theme going with the grey on grey, but also adding that pop of color. I also turned my corset belt around to show its gold buttons, and to keep the buttoned down look going in the front of the dress. What I loved most about this maxi dress was that the buttons made it easy for me to tweak the look however I wanted to. As you can see, I definitely went for the sexy, leg poppage look because I am so extra! Lol! You can also pair this look with your favorite pair of sneakers, just make it stylish af! This look is so versatile and easy for anyone to do. 

If you have not gotten your corsets in for Spring, then don’t hesitate. This trend will be most of what you see all Spring/Summer ’17. To read more articles on this trend, visit the sites:,,

As always, it’s such a pleasure speaking with each of you! Let me know what else you would like to see me style. Talk to me in the comment section below, like and share! 

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How To Slay The Corset Trend