How To Wear an “Ugly” Style

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What’s up Steezers?! Have you ever went shopping for a piece of clothing that you absolutely had to have at any cost or any means necessary? Then, while shopping for or after purchasing it, someone tells you that, “it’s not cute!”? If so, then we are in the same boat! Three weeks ago, Rihanna broke the fashion world yet again and introduced her new Fenty x Puma collection for Spring. In that collection she came out with some tennis shoes that didn’t have shoe laces, but a big beautiful bow instead. She did the same thing with her oh so fabulous slides both ranging at about $160 for the tennis shoes and $90 for the slides. If you know anything about Rihanna’s collection, you know that it sells out quickly online and it did!

So, there I was, having to visit Footlocker in the mall, because I missed the sales online for the tennis shoes. As one of the salesmen were showing me the shoes, another one comes up out of nowhere and says, “those are not cute! That bow makes them that much uglier. Without it, maybe they would’ve had fighting chance.” I immediately thought to myself, “Chilee you must not know who I am!” Totally pushing what he had to say out of mind, I purchased the shoes to add to my spring collection, and I love them! 

I said all of that to say, forget what ANYONE has to say about your style! If you constantly listen to the nay sayers, you will be a carbon copy of everyone else’s mediocre style. Take that thing that others might think is ugly and make it into your own! Style it, slay it and strut it! If you ever find yourself second guessing wearing something, because of what others might say about it, DONT! You have your own unique style, so let it flourish honey! 

As always, its such a pleasure speaking with you! Leave a reply letting me know if you’ve had similar experiences and how did you overcome them? Let me know if I slayed this style. Like and share with friends!

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Photos by: Tia Dawn Photography|Edited by: Me|

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    April 3, 2017

    Man ur hair and ur makeup is perfection though! It gets me everytime. U r gorgeous. 😉 x x x

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