How to Wear and Mix Animal Prints for the Holidays

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Steeze365-How To Mix Animal Print for the Holiday
Steeze365-How To Mix Animal Print for the Holiday

I didn’t like animal print at all before now, so the idea of styling or mixing any animal motif was far from my mind. Believe it or not, before it was super trendy and fashionable to wear this year, I always thought it was tacky if done wrong. I was sort of intimated and didn’t want to try it myself. Funny right, for someone who calls herself a fashionista? However, after watching countless fashion girls slay this trend, and doing my research on how to mix prints the right way, I can honestly say that I’ve been sold, and also that I was so wrong. You probably won’t be able to get me out of it before this Fall and Winter season is over. It’s safe to say that I’ve taken a prowl on the wild side, and I won’t be coming back anytime soon. 

Let’s just start with how stylish it is. From prints like zebra, crocodile, and leopard. Every print that I’ve seen on the market has made its own unique appearance and I can’t get enough of it. Especially, when fashion girls mix them together to create a whole other hybrid sort of kind of mixed breed.

So, let’s get into exactly how to mix animal prints for the holiday season!

Steeze365-How To Mix Animal Print for the Holiday

How to mix animal prints for the holidays 

  1.  Mix the same color scheme: the easiest way to mix your prints is to go with the same colors in each print. As you can see here, the leopard and cheetah prints are both brown and even though their spots are different, it looks monochromatic but just with two different shades of brown. I honestly had to make sure they weren’t the same animal because the prints looked so similar.
  2. Mix bold prints: you know it’s that time of the year where bold colors reign supreme, so don’t be afraid to purchase that zebra skirt and pair it with a red or burgundy croc print. Or even leopard on black and white. You’re already bold and fierce enough to rock the print itself, so you might as well go all out!
  3. Rock it head to toe: nothing screams style more than seeing a print effortlessly slayed from top to bottom. So, go for long dresses that are one print and boots that are another. Opt for a printed trench coat and a printed suit underneath. Either way you style it, just make sure the colors and prints blend effortlessly.
  4. Accessorize it: nothing is cuter than leopard printed earmuffs, scarves, bags and even gloves. There have been so many animal print accessories floating around and mixing those different accessories as layers for your outfit, makes the perfect holiday style. If you follow all of the suggestions above, this won’t look tacky at all.
  5. Give it as a gift: literally, nothing says I love you, and I want you to be on trend more than gifting your favorite person a nice cheetah print coat this holiday season. Not only were you thinking about their style, but also about keeping them warm while styling. Animal print pieces are so affordable, and you don’t have to go break the bank just to gift the perfect piece. Gifting something like these snake print boots would make any fly girl’s day!

Shop different prints

I’ve tagged different pieces below that I know would be super cute for you this holidays season! Check them out and happy shopping!

Thanks for reading!

Steeze365-How To Mix Animal Print for the Holiday

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, and let know if you decide to try this trend this season, and which prints are your favorites. As always, it’s a pleasure speaking to you, and I hope you found this helpful!

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