How to Wear Plaid Pants

Have you been mad for plaid this season? Now that Fall has officially come, wreaked havoc on the style scene, and will be soon just a memory in a couple of days, you’ve probably seen fashionistas everywhere giving their take on how to wear plaid pants this season. This style, that is so sophisticated and chic to wear can be very versatile depending on the look you’re going for. If you’re not a plaid kind of person but may be ready to tread new waters in your style territory, then definitely keep reading because this is exactly for you!

Why you need plaid pants

Steeze365-How To Wear Plaid Pants

Aside from the fact that not everyone wears plaid, so more than likely you’ll stand out with your unique style, there are so many different ways you can style these babies for multiple uses. I don’t know about you, but getting the most out of the clothes that are already in my wardrobe is a goal of mine in 2019. It’s about being resourceful and saving money. When you style plaid based on the different color schemes in it, you can probably get at least 10 different looks from one pair of pants. Not to mention the many places and events you can wear them to (work, school, work events, holiday parties, etc.). 

How to wear plaid pants 

Steeze365-How To Wear Plaid Pants

As you can see here, I let green and brown colors guide the styling of these plaid trousers that I bought from H&M. I love that these pants came with so many different colors, especially neutrals, that made it almost impossible to go wrong with picking either of them to color block with. Since Fall is typically a deeper color season, color blocking is so essential to making the colors pop in any outfit. 

When choosing the right plaid pants, you want to make sure that you look at how they fit your body and if the color scheme fits you. There are so many different types of plaid pants to go with from high waisted to cigarette pants and back to trousers. The style can be easily seen as preppy, but adding a moto jacket or a leather jacket as you see here, takes it from business to business casual, and even casual if that’s what you’re going for. 

Choosing the perfect top

Steeze365-How To Wear Plaid Pants

 You also want to make sure that the top you’re styling them with blends in perfectly with the color scheme. This is easy because you can pick the least dominant color to lead with. The top I chose here is a soft v-neck emerald green sweater, and as you can see, I used the tuck-in-tuck-out method to make sure that the front wasn’t covered, and that my belt was shown. From there, I added an emerald green handbag but went with the brown for the jacket, belt and shoes. When choosing the perfect top and outerwear, you want to make sure that it’s either a solid color or that the design isn’t doing too much. You don’t want any color to overpower the plaid pants, instead, you want it to compliment them. 

 I’ve also seen turtleneck sweaters, button-down blouses, and even cropped tops paired with plaid pants perfectly. The combos are endless and easy for anyone to put together if you keep the tips here in mind. 

Keep accessories simple

Steeze365-How To Wear Plaid Pants

When it comes to accessorizing your plaid pants, you want to make sure to be as minimal as possible. The pants themselves are the star of the outfit and everything else just compliments them, so you don’t want other things, especially accessories, clashing for the spotlight. Keep it simple. As you see here, I went with a double choker chain, matching earrings and some rings. I added the bag for just that added flare. To keep the business casual vibe, I wanted to style it with a bag that would be perfect to put a laptop in, notes and other office materials. 

Just have fun styling them

All in all, like with any new style to try, I always say to make it fit your body and style and not you fit it. The same goes with plaid pants. Don’t be intimated by the many different patterns and colors, instead take it on as a challenge and see just how many different looks you can create with just one pair of pants. Be the most confident you and like always, never forget to slay!

Thanks for reading!

As always, it’s a pleasure speaking to ya’ll each week. I hope you found this helpful, and I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment in the comment section below letting me know if you plan on styling plaid this season and exactly how?

Also, check out the other styles of plaid pants below to see if you can add any to your wardrobe for Winter.

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