Top 7 Over The Knee Boots Trends for Winter 2019

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It’s that time of the year that over the knee boots are in full rotation! Your favorite fashionista has probably pulled hers out, and are showing you how to do it right! This year’s over the knee boots styles are all about keeping it classy and chic while also making a statement. These trends range everywhere from snake prints to cowboy over the knee boots, and they don’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. So, if you need a little inspiration for your next over the boots purchase, then keep reading because you know I’ve got you covered.

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Without further adieu, let’s jump right in!

Best Trendy Over The Knee Boots for Winter 2019

  1. Snake boots: 

    these boots are still making a name for themselves this season. You saw them literally everywhere last season, and winter is no different. There’s something so timeless and stylish about snake boots. Your mama wore them, your mama’s mama put her swag on them and now you. If you missed the mark to rock these babies last season, then now’s your chance before we get out of cold season. The stylish snake boots in the picture above are from Mango. Click the pictures below to shop this style in your size.

2. Cowboy Boots:

can I get a: yee-haw!!?” Okay, too corny? Well, guess what, the fashion world begs to differ. LOL! Now, this is one trend that I didn’t think I’d catch myself saying that I might want to try, but low and behold, here we are. I missed the mark on this trend last season, but I’m definitely looking to make it up this season. There are a lot of modern touches to these style boots that makes it easy to incorporate them in your style today. Don’t worry about looking too “country” or “southern”, there are people in New York taking this boot trend by storm and you should too. With embellishments and sparkly buckles, these boots will be around for a while. Click the photos below to shop your favorite style!

3. Patent Boots:

talk about high shine and making a statement. I haven’t seen anyone style this trend wrong yet, and honestly, how could you? This material stands out on its own and looks hands down fabulous. You may have seen me style these vinyl pants here, but I have yet to get my hands on some vinyl style boots. These patent boots make any outfit look on trend and chic! If you’re going to take a risk with any of these trends, be sure to do this one because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

4. Squared Toe Boots:

like the cowboy boots, these are other boots that have come back on the scene. They’re effortlessly stylish and perfect for your favorite wide-legged suit or pleated skirt that goes below the knee. Pick the perfect pair here and style a beautiful classic look with these.

5. Wide Leg Boot:

despite how extra you may think these boots are, some fashionistas may argue with you that wider the better. I can’t argue with them there. When these boots are styled correctly, they look damn good. Throw on your favorite flared mini skirt with these, or throw them over some jeans and you’re looking like you just left the runway. Let your shoes do the talking and the walking with these babies. I promise you won’t regret it. Shop your favorite style in your size below.

6. Pointed Toe Boots:

If you thought “witch” when you read the name of this boot style, then I’m here to tell you that the wicked witch of the west boots have nothing on this modern take of the pointed toe boots. Seen in so many different styles like patent leather, faux suede, and even print, these boots give you a classic and sophisticated style. The boot version of stilettos, these boots can be worn to work, out with your friends, to make groceries, etc. I love a good pointed toe boot in the winter time. Pick your favorite below!

7. Thick-heeled boots

Do these boots ever go out of style? I think not, as we’ve seen them all throughout our style journeys. It’s something comforting about a nice thick heel with about the right kind of platform that will keep you sturdy as you walk in them all day. These boots stand out on their own and help you make a statement. The best thing about these boots is that every single trend I mentioned above can come in these style boots, which makes them very versatile and easy to blend with another trend.  There are so many thick heeled boots out there, shop your favorite below:


There you have it, all of the top 7 over the knee boots that you need in your closet like yesterday for winter! I know that I’ll be snagging me a couple of different pairs before this season leaves. The best thing about these boots is that you can wear them through spring, and maybe even summer if it’s not too hot. I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! 😀

Thanks for reading!

As always, it’s a pleasure speaking to you! Leave a comment below to let me know which are your favorite style boot this season, and which will you be trying.

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