Power Suit: Outfits that Help Boost Confidence

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It’s nothing like a piece of clothing or a stylish outfit that helps you boost confidence like the power suit!  That’s exactly how I felt when I wore it0. No, I wasn’t at a business meeting or going to work, I wore it because I knew how it’d make me feel and when I tell you using the word “power” to describe it, is putting it lightly. I literally felt like no one could tell me anything! I was sashaying around, waving to strangers and taking compliments with my head held high.

We always see posts about what to wear here or how to style that, but we rarely see them touch on how this piece of clothing is supposed to make us feel when we put it on.

Will I feel more confident, or will I feel like a boss, or will I feel like I can conquer the world, and feel more like superwoman? Do I even want to wear something like this in the future? You know how they say, don’t make drastic decisions based on emotions? Well, that’s exactly what I do when I go to purchase anything. If I don’t feel like an improved version of myself when I try it on, then it’s staying at the store.

Steeze365 Myeshia Power Suit Sitting
Steeze365 Myeshia Power Suit Photo Reading

The reality is

Nothing can truly help you love yourself, “if you ain’t right within” sis. However, a good stylish suit can add that extra boost of confidence even on a bad day. They aren’t called “Power Suits” for nothing, and I’m totally here for this trend that’s been killing it all year. Whether it’s chocolate brown or hot pink, this season’s power suits are more creative in style, sleek in look, and overall fun to wear.

Even if it’s “not your style”, Power Suits look good on anyone. Literally, take my word for it.

How to style the Power Suit

Whether you’re rocking the 80’s retro style with overstated padded shoulders, and a cinched silhouette or rocking a more millennial style with cigarette pants and blazer like you see here. Either way, you can channel your inner Grace Jones or Janelle Monae, and kill it with this trend!

Grace Jones 1980s Power Suit
Janelle Monae Power Suit at Emmy Awards Suit
OPEN GALLERYThe cigarette pants and blazer style seen here shows off your curves and gives a more feminine vibe to the look. But, don’t get me wrong, I’m never mad to rock it like mama Grace! I like to opt to go braless underneath my blazer if I’m just wearing it to be stylish. However, if that’s not your style, adding a nice blouse or a comfy turtleneck keeps it super stylish as well.

Don’t you dare skip the accessories, after all, they’re truly what brings a look together. As you can see here, I opted for: some gold statement earrings, a chain, some rings, a zig-zag printed belt bag, and some leopard ankle heels. But you girl, you can choose whatever you want based on your style! If you want to go full business clad, then do some studs, stilettos and a pearl choker. If you want to go business casual/street style, then rock some hoops, a chest chain with a dad hat and chunky tennis shoes.

I’m telling you, this suit is so versatile to style.

Steeze365 Myeshia Power Suit
Power Suits Accessory Photo

The Power Suit demands attention

Let’s be clear, when people see you in a suit, it’s like something clicks off in their head that tells them you are a force to be reckoned with. And rightfully so, because you absolutely are and when you decided to wear this suit, you didn’t style it to be meek or mild.

Sometimes, we all need that extra boost of confidence or the opportunity to look in the mirror and say, “you are the sh**!,  and I believe, no I know, that wearing a power suit on your worst day can help you feel this way.

No, this isn’t about stroking your ego!

Instead, it’s about keeping that ego at bay and letting her know that you don’t need her today because your confidence came out to play!

When wearing your version of the Power Suit, I want you to feel like the boss you are and wear your confidence on your sleeve!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you really try this style! Let me know if you’ll be rocking this style this season and adding it to your closet. Power Suits are truly timeless, and so are you!

Until next time,


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