“Reclaiming My Time”

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What’s up you beautiful Steezers out there? I hope you all are having a prosperous summer! I know, I’ve been pretty much on and off this summer, which is what we are going to be talking about in this post. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this weekend, you have definitely heard the now infamous phrase “Reclaiming My Time”, quoted by the read and zero-tolerance Queen herself, Auntie Maxine Waters. Little did Auntie Maxine know, she empowered a whole other kind of movement, and realization in women who are simply just tired of getting their time wasted by nonsense and nonsensical people.

For the past couple of months, since my trip to Jamaica in May, I have been “Reclaiming My Time” without even knowing what to call it yet. I would just say, “I”m figuring my sh** out”; however, thanks to Auntie Maxine, I now realized that I was working on figuring out ways to focus my energy and time on things that truly mattered, people who truly mattered, and the things that I am most passionate about. All in the same token, letting go of bullshit and people that didn’t benefit me nor my wellbeing. I think its important for us to realize as adults that time literally waits for no one, and I don’t want to be the one at the end of my life saying, “woulda, coulda, shoulda.”

As women of color, we always have to reclaim our time. Whether it is at work when our boss tries to tell us that our hair is too “ethnic” for the workplace, and we have to remind them that it wasn’t our hair that got us the credentials to be able to add value to their organization in the first place. Or, maybe its when society tries to always devalue the worth of our womanhood by criticizing us on all the things  we so call “lack” in comparison to our white counterparts. Either way, we are continuously fighting that battle of figuring out what to spend our hard work and dedication on, and what to have a low tolerance-no bullshit attitude towards.

For myself, its:

  1. Not allowing things at work to stress me out that are beyond my control, and that I’m simply not passionate about. I’ll never get that time or stress back.
  2. It’s letting go of fake friends and relationships that are literally in my life for a season. Sometimes, it’s the people closest to you who can hurt you the most if you let them, and you have to know when to walk away and don’t look back.
  3. It’s not allowing society to ever define my womanhood with superficial and tone death notions of what a woman should be. No one can understand the plight of a black woman instead of the black woman herself.
  4. It’s also having zero-tolerance for trolling white people on social media who hide behind their keyboards, and bash a group of people for no other reason than them having a different skin color. Sadly, those type of people will never change, and I won’t spend my time trying to change them.
  5. Lastly, its reinvesting my time and effort into building my own brand, bringing you all killer content and updates weekly, and growing with each and every one of you. This is my promise that you will see more of me weekly, and I hope to connect with all of you. I’m “Reclaiming My Time”, and I urge you to do the same!

Shout out to my boyfriend for this lovely African printed skirt and top (which I turned into a head wrap), given to me as a birthday gift. It was purchased from a Ghanian vendor in New Orleans, and I was so thankful for it. Let me know how you will be “Reclaiming Your Time” in the comment section below. Give this post a heart if you love/like it, and share with friends!

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