Reliving Homecoming: HU’s Blueprint

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Two weeks ago, the infamous Howard University Homecoming showed its presence yet again in the D.C. metro area for its 93rd time, bringing in thousands of alumni, visitors and students to help celebrate the best time at Howard U! Each year, Howard’s Homecoming serves as a melting pot for all cultures, people of different origins, backgrounds, and styles to come together and have one helluva weekend on the Mecca’s campus! The beauty of Howard’s homecoming is the positive light that is shed on African and African American culture.

The true cinderella story at HU’s Homecoming is the different styles that all of these people from different cultures bring to the yard. For my second year as an alumni, I can honestly say that, “I came to slay” at this year’s Homecoming!????????

Howard Homecoming Tailgate

If I can describe my style for this year’s tailgate in three words, they would be: “Bad Gal Riri” inspired…or maybe that’s four. Any who, I am probably a little biased, but I definitely think Riri would rock something along the lines of this and definitely not leaving out the burgundy hair!

It was all about color blocking for this look. The nude one piece labeled: “Ladies First” x the pink faux leather Bomber jacket, topped off with the circular shades, can all be found at your local Forver 21. The very sexy and form fitting mint green midi skirt from Misguided, was the perfect color to offset the light pink bomber jacket. To bring out the nude body suit even more, Public Desire had some very stylish peeptoe nude ankle boots that brought the whole ensemble together!

This year’s tailgate was all about standing out in the crowd, and a very stylish crowd at that! ???? Channeling my inner “Bad Gal Riri”, and having a no bull attitude, this look definitely goes down as one of my favorite styles so far!

Of course, I can’t forget the nightlife. Considering that HU’s Homecoming has so many people pouring in, there has to be a popping party scene right? With the whole city ready to hit the clubs and celebrate, no one at Homecoming is stepping out the house with anything less than their best dressed!

This very chic ensemble was inspired and can be found at The House Of CB! Pretty much like taking the style right off the mannequin, or in more fashionable terms, the runway. I had to add my own flare to it by pairing some Jessica Simpson’s platform sandals with, of course, the signature bomber jacker to keep the pink color scheme going. To bring out the white in Misguided‘s deep plunged body suit, I added one of Aldo‘s clutches and brought this look to life!

Needless to say, this Homecoming season was a very stylish one and, I was so happy to be apart of it! These looks can be recreated in many different ways, and most of all, they are all affordable. Recreate these looks in your own style, add a lot of confidence and SLAY! ????

Stay tuned to catch the styles of others who were captured In My Lens on tomorrow. Like and leave your comments below. Subscribe to Your Style Guide for more updates. I had fun talking to you, and thank you so much for reading!

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Reliving Homecoming: HU’s Blueprint