Skip New Year’s Resolution and Create ‘Past Year Reflections’ Instead

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New Year’s Resolutions always suck for me! I never get anything done that was listed, they’re too vague and are most of the time unrealistic. Instead of repeating a constant cycle of doom creating them, this year, I will be focusing on ‘Past Year Reflections’. As I sit down and journal everything that 2018 has brought and taught me, I’m reminded about how strong, resilient, and wise I truly am.

This year has brought so many priceless experiences like: becoming a first time mom, being unafraid to leave a corporate job that was slowly taking my energy and joy without putting anything positive back, teaching patience and the importance of investing in myself, giving me the confidence to take the steps of becoming my own boss, while also bringing heartache, pain and loss, but also teaching how to weather those storms. Most of all, it brought joy and taught me how to love, forgive and move forward.

New Year's Resolution Blog Post
New Year's Resolution Blog Post

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Thankful for 2018!

There is so much to be thankful for in 2018, as it was a year of coming into my own and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It helped in realizing how I need to show up in the world to feel fulfilled, and step into my brilliance next year.

So, instead of jotting down unspecific and up in the air resolutions, I employ you to write goals that you want to see accomplished in the first couple of months of 2019. For example, those goals for me are: continuing to be more consistent on my platform, spending more in real life time with family and friends, traveling to at least two different countries next year, serving my community more, bringing readers like you more valuable and actionable content, and growing as an entrepreneur in blogging and building an online business. Setting goals are more realistic; they’re more specific and have deadlines than resolutions that can go either way.

Five Actionable Tips for Creating Your Past Year Reflections and Goals to Follow

I wanted to share this with you and give you a few actionable tips for doing some good past year reflections and get you ready to start next year off with a bang!

  1. Create a SWOT Analysis: list of all your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from this year. Focus on what worked really well, what you missed the mark on, and what you have to fine tune to be better at next year. Write it all out as it sinks in more when pin meets paper. 
  2. Create actionable goals that are achievable in a specific time period: give your goals a deadline, this way you’ll stay focused and disciplined at getting them done. Be realistic about these goals, and see them through.  
  3. Block out all limiting beliefs: sometimes when we’re setting our goals we tell ourselves, “oh I can’t do this!” Stop yourself right there, you’re only feeding yourself bullshit that will hold you back. You can do whatever you want if you make the choice to see it through. You just have to believe it enough. 
  4. Imagine yourself doing everything you want: the saying “seeing is believing” is so true when it comes to this tip. If you can train your mind to see yourself completing your goals before you do it, then all that’s needed is taking the steps to get there. If in your mind there’s no doubt, then it’s already yours. The mind is so powerful. 
  5. Congratulate yourself on everything you’ve done all year! It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t the best thing. The reality is that you made it through it all; the good, bad, ugly and in between. You lived through it and can tell a kick-ass story about it. The end of the year is here, so celebrate the fact that you made it this far and prepare to take 2019 by the balls! No matter how big or small, celebrate your wins. You got this!
New Year's Resolution Blog Post

2018, imma let you finish, but 2019 is HERE!

This year left nothing to chance, and everything to gain for next. It definitely set the tone for a great year, and it’s now time to shine! Tell me in the comments below one thing that you’re most thankful for in 2018, and what you plan on expanding in in 2019? As always, it’s a pleasure speaking to you, and I hope you found this helpful!

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Skip New Year’s Resolution and Create ‘Past Year Reflections’ Instead