Two Stylish Ways to Wear Sweater and Skirt Outfits

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I‘m excited to share with y’all these two stylish ways to wear sweater and skirt outfits this season! I’ve become literally obsessed with sweaters, especially oversized styles! It’s something about that baggy feel that makes it comfy and sexy. Maybe it’s the 90s baby in me! Believe it or not, I never use to wear sweaters and actually use to hate them growing up, but that all has changed in recent years. I think with most retailers making them on trend to fit perfectly on the silhouette, they’ve become a staple in every fashion girl’s closet. 

I’ve seen so many sweater and skirt outfits floating around on the internet, and I think it’s safe to say that this will be an outfit look that forever evolves and always stay timeless. Whether you want to dress an oversized sweater and mini skirt combo or with pair it with a tulle skirt, it is still perfect for the holiday season, Fall and Winter. Either way you style it up, you simply can’t go wrong. If you want comfortable and cozy paired with cute and stylish, then keep reading for my two sweater and skirt outfit ideas below. 

Sweater and Skirt Outfits 1

Two Ways to Style Sweater and Skirt Outfits
Two Ways to Style Sweater and Skirt Outfits
Two Ways to Style Sweater and Skirt Outfits

On Thanksgiving, I wore this diamond pattern semi-oversized sweater with this faux leather wrap-mini skirt paired with knee boots and a mini bag. Two words come to mind when I look at this outfit: comfortable and chic. For a family-friendly holiday, you want to be as comfy in your skin as possible without feeling self-conscious about what you have on in case that one Auntie who always has something to say calls you out on it. LOL!

We were visiting my boyfriend’s family, so I knew I wanted to be “presentable” and stylish. This outfit was a perfect combination of color blocking using one of this season’s trendiest colors, brown, and allowing it to guide the rest of the color pairings. Nude colors are super easy to style and you often can’t go wrong. So when it doubt, nude it out. This Forever21 sweater and skirt paired better than I thought it would together. With the sweater being crazy comfortable and warm. When pairing the two, especially oversized, I love using the tuck-in-tuck-out method, as it allows for the details of the skirt to be shown. It also keeps the look clean and classic. 

Sweater and Skirt Outfits 2

Two Ways to Style Sweater and Skirt Outfits
Two Ways to Style Sweater and Skirt Outfits
Two Ways to Style Sweater and Skirt Outfits

This second sweater and skirt style has to be one of my favorites. As I said in the beginning, I love an oversized sweater. With this one, in particular, I loved how it just hangs off the shoulders in a flattering way, and how it could’ve been easily turned into a sweater dress. Now. I wouldn’t say that this look is the most family friendly; however, there are many more places to wear this look. On a brunch date with your girls, a night out, to the movies, etc, this sweater and skirt outfit would blend in perfectly. 

Because it’s literally this year’s hottest fashion trend, I had to do animal print on the skirt. I’ve never tried snakeskin before and I can admit now that I’ve been sold. Sometimes doing animal print can look tacky if it’s overdone, but pairing it with solid colors tones it down a bit and also allow the details of the animal print to pop. It was a little warmer in Dallas this day, so I just added ankle boots and a crossbody bag. But, since we’re heading into the winter months, easily adding some stockings underneath the skirt and gloves turns it into a cozy sweater and skirt style that could also be family friendly. Even though this sweater is a net material, I wore it on a breezy night and nothing got through. 

Affordable & Stylish

Both styles were super affordable and under $50 so it’s a win. You get cute and affordable in two styles. How can you say no to that? Shop the look below and see more sweater and skirt outfit ideas. 

Thanks for reading!

Two Ways to Style Sweater and Skirt Outfits

I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Leave a comment letting me know if you would rock either of these outfits and to what occasion.  Also, read last year’s post on How To Look Chic In a Sweater Dress & Sweaters Under $50 for more sweater style ideas. 

It’s always a pleasure speaking to you, and I hope you found this helpful! Thanks for reading, and until next time, much love! 



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Two Stylish Ways to Wear Sweater and Skirt Outfits